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Sam Blanchet inför Skedvi-Säter

Sam Blanchet som kommer ifrån Kanada har varit en viktig spelare sedan han kom till klubben. Vi satte oss ner och tog en pratstund innan morgondagens match.

Hi Sam, how has your time in Sweden and HC Flyers been?
-Sweden has been good to me. Anders Johansson and all the staff here have welcomed me warmly and made me feel comfortable right from the start. Culturally, Sweden isn’t too different from Canada so it wasn’t so big of an adjustment. I’ve enjoyed my time with the team so far.

Game against Skedvi/Säter on Sunday in Nobelhallen. What Is youre thoughts about that game and what Will be the key/s for winning?
– All the remaining games will be crucial. We have to play every single one them like they were playoffs game. Being accountable in our own zone will definitely be the key to our success through the end of the season. We know we are a team who can score goals but you can’t win games if you neglect your defensive play. If we do so, everything else will come along.

Jesper Alasaari has recently joined the team. What do you think of him as a player so far? What Will he bring to the team?
I’ve only seen him for 2 practices but you can tell right away that he’s got the abilities to be an important asset to our team both defensively and offensively. Great addition to our team.

Still 6 games left and 18 points to play for. What do you think about our chanses to reach top 5?
-The mindset is to go one game at a time, one shift at a time. If we all share that mentality and come to the rink every day with the same determination, we can beat any teams and get in the top 5 by the end of the season.

Thanks for your time and BIG luck tomorrow!


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